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We like to keep customer information private. For this reason, your paper in not sold, exchanged, or transferred without your expressed consent. Once we provide you with the final delivery, we will never reuse it in any other form or way. We are fully dedicated to safeguarding your privacy. When you decide to use our service, you actually agree to the privacy policy mentioned on this page. We are absolutely firm about protecting your privacy, and want to assure you that we never share your private information with the expert, or third parties until and unless you ask us to do so.

When you use our services, we collect essential data such as your name, contact and social security number, mailing and email address. We also acquire financial card information and details about credit cards in addition to info pertaining to your order. This data may be stored on our servers, or somewhere else, but for your safety we do not divulge this information to anyone. The reason we store private information is to get to know our customers' needs and wants better. Thus, data is kept hidden from public view at all levels. We do believe that the leakage of customer data is unethical and we abide by the rules at all stages of the order process.

If we opt for making any updates or amendments to this privacy policy, it will overtake this edition of the policy. So, we recommend you to visit this page on a regular basis and stay updated with our privacy policy.

The good news is that when you browse through our site and place your order, you are hundred percent safe from the start till the end. This is because we protect private information by implementing numerous types of data protection measures and security software programs to ensure that your private data is never lost, misused, or accessed. We also recommend you to be careful when you share your personal information through mediums, including various communication channels, email networks, and other insecure social networks.

It is our right to make amendments to this policy or to change it altogether if need be. Lastly, we encourage you to; make frequent visits to this page to know about latest news and terms. Otherwise, upon using our services, it will be considered as you have already gone through and accepted this privacy policy and are willing to receive updates on product promotions and other relevant information. For further inquiries and suggestions about our services, you can send us an email or give us a call anytime. Our support staff is available 24/7 to answer your emails and calls.


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